About Our Wine Philosophy


About Our Wine Philosophy

About Us

Our Wine Philosophy

My name is Step Sinatra and I created FreeSpirit Wine with a simple Intention.  To Share.  I wanted to give something to my friends, family, and others along the way, that was an amazing  healthy product created from the Heart. 

Well, as the heart grew with Love, the vision got bigger and expanded to a brand focused on conscious creation and stellar wines…welcome to FreeSpirit Wine!

I handpick our grapes every year from the finest vineyards on the West Coast.  My focus has always been on selecting organic or sustainable farmed fruit from growers with a like-minded philosophy.   I go to regions known for the best, whether that’s Napa Cabernet or Amador County Zinfandel.

The FreeSpirit brand was birthed as "being Free," to choose what varietal of wine to make and where to get it.  I don’t own a vineyard, I don’t have to buy fruit or make wine in a bad growing season.  I am committed to one thing, bringing an exquisite wine experience to fun loving people.

In the realm of the mind there are no limitations, save those which are self-imposed.  In our everyday living, we seem bound by time, space, and money.  Sometimes our health limits our living freely, or our hurts and pride keep us from pleasant experiences.  Spiritual teachers have revealed to us the Freedom of the Spirit.   There is a way to live mentally, where we are unbound, untethered, and free..  Think rightly, live freely.  Or the FreeSpirit mantra.  "Free to Think, Free to Create"

Freedom begins and ends in our consciousness.  As we think of the unlimited possibilities of what we are in Spirit, we begin to be free from the limitations of matter, and material laws.  This is a mental task and when done correctly, freedom is a reality. 

I had originally called my wine label Sinatra Wine.  But I realized that was just my name, not who I was or what I wanted to share.  FreeSpirit Wine was created to use the label  as a canvas for spiritual ideals and ways of thinking.  It was meant to be subtle yet also enhance the overall vibration of the wine. 

Just having specific words on the bottle actually imprints a resonance into the wine.  This has been shown by Masaru Emoto with his experiments with thought upon the molecular structure of water.  This is a reason each bottle is named something different.  For example, the Muscato is named "Inspiration"; the Albarino is called "Grace" and the Malbec (my favorite)..."Faith and Trust".

I actually had no intention of running an organic wine company.  It was birthed from curiosity and the simple passion for making and and sharing amazing wine.

As FreeSpirit thinking enters our consciousness, we should expect the impossible to happen.
Spiritual teachers and ascended master have shown us how to do the work.

It's up to us to make the right choices, which lead to better behaviors therefore raising our vibration.
Ultimately flowing with Spirit and dancing with our dharma.
This is the FreeSpirit Journey.  
We all take this journey in this lifetime is someway or another.  
We can resist, accept, control or flow.  
Its being human yet recognizing the spirit within.  
And being human means sometimes enjoying and sharing wine...in my opinion!
If I am going to drink wine, it better be fantastic and clean for my body.  (another reason I started making wine!)

FreeSpirit is also about travel.  Let's be honest.  Travel expands the senses, the mind, and enlivens the Spirit.  It allows one to live adventurously like in many of our past lives.  We reconnect with the explorer archetype and have the opportunity to learn from other cultures and people.  Travel awakens the soul and allows us to experience new things...especially Wine!   It's endless. 

Explore, live, and be your true self...enjoy FreeSpirit Wine!

Much Love,

Step Sinatra

July 2012


Our Wine Creator

Our Wine Creator

Who is the Winemaker?

Spiritual teacher and devoted yogi Step Sinatra created FreeSpirit Wine; a label focused on conscious creation and stellar wines.  The boutique brand produces 7 different varietals from 3 different regions in California.  All of the wines are sustainably farmed or contain organically grown grapes.  Step also blesses the wine himself and adds a few other interesting aspects to the process; stuff that “raises the vibration” as Step says. 

Get ready to breathe, taste, and maybe chant a few Ohms!


Our Tasting Room

Our Tasting Room


On Occasion we taste at our location in Napa Valley.

It is located at:

3093 Old Toll Road

Calistoga, CA 94515


Feel free to setup a tasting by sending us an email at:



FreeSpirit Wine is also poured at the tasting room of Estate Crush in Lodi, CA.